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Delivery Policy

The use of services provided by Kensica Established the agreement to these terms. By registering or using our services you agree that you have read and fully understood the following terms of Service and Kensica will not be help liable for loss in any way for users who have not read the below terms of service.

Delivery Policy

If We found any Unusual activity or if Kensica think that you are violating Kensica terms or harm Kensica business, in this point Kensica can stop doing business with any customer anytime. Unfortunately, for privcy of our business we will not able to share the reason sometime of closing your account or business with you. The decision will be Parmanent. You can use your remaining fund to order our services or you can ask for withdrawing your fund to your payment gateway you used for deposting the fund.

Kensica will not be responsible for any damages you or your business may suffer.

Kensica is in no way liable for any account suspension or picture deletion done by YouTube or Soundcloud or Vine or Pinterest or Other Social Media.

    • By placing an order with Kensica, you automatically accept all the below-listed term of services whether you read them or not.
    • We reserve the right to change these terms of service without notice. You are expected to read all terms of service before placing every order to ensure you are up to date with any changes or any future changes.
    • You will only use theKensica website in a manner which follows all agreements made with Soundcloud/Vine/Pinterest/Youtube/other social media site on their individual Terms of Service page.
    • Kensica rates are subject to change at any time without notice. The terms stay in effect in the case of rate changes.
    • Kensica does not guarantee a delivery time for any services as its depend on the services order quantity. We offer our best estimation for when the order will be delivered. This is only an estimation and Kensica will not refund orders that are processing if you feel they are taking too long.
  • Kensica tries hard to deliver exactly what is expected of us by our resellers. In this case, we reserve the right to change a service type if we deem it necessary to complete an order.



  • Kensica will only be used to promote your YouTube or Soundcloud or Vine or Pinterest or Social account and help boost your “Appearance” only.
  • You will not upload anything into the Kensica  site including nudity or any material that is not accepted or suitable for the YouTube or Soundcloud or Vine or Pinterest or Social Media community.
  • If your page had 100k+ followers/likes/views already before you order us, it will not cover refill protection, even if you order for refill server from us, as its not possible to understand from where you lost the followers/likes/views. 

Fiverr, eBay and Other Popular Website Sellers

Kensica DOES NOT guarantee full delivery within 24 hours. We make no guarantee for a delivery time at all. We provide our best estimation for orders during the placing of orders. However, these are estimates. We will not be held responsible for the loss of funds, negative reviews or you being banned for late delivery. If you are selling on a website that requires time-sensitive results, use Kensica at your own risk.

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